Hello fellow fans of combat and the art of the human body and mind. I just began learning some jujutsu and Qia Tu Pai; a mixture of old Chen frame taijiquan for generating energy and such, aiki jujutsu, hapkido, and certain elements of shoalin based gongfu.

On my own time I'm messing around with fencing and staffwork, mainly using my big staff as a very skinny and hard hitting sparring buddy to practice acuracy, speed, and power of gripping, twisting, coiling, sticking and leading into basic steps (foreward/up, back/down, side/slide, side/spin), some taken from an Analysis of Shaolin Chin Na, and noting the need to cover the reaction from a direct energy to one portion of the stick (say the top in a blocking motion) gives the staff a natural kick at my other shin which needs to be controlled and so forth. Amazing how much you can do with a big stick of wood and a little imagination and not much else to do, lol.

Many moons ago I got a yellow belt in tae kwan do but only retained the warm up practices due to a love of being loose, limber and relaxed. At the time I quit I considered myself a pacifist. Now I am just 'zis guy, you know?

After Yang style seemed to dissapoint I took up teaching myself yoga and buddhist meditation, which was great but I still felt that qigong and it's martial appendage taiji were perfect for my dual love of being able to ease pain and the somewhat contradictory will to be at peace knowing I and my love are about as safe, aware, and in harmony as can be because I have the capability to kick some ass if need be.

And this is loong winded. Guess I'm stoked to be participating in the martial arts world again after watching discontent from afar.
Peace and Victory