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    Quote Originally Posted by daishi View Post
    Its in Northwestish Ohio, near Toledo.

    It will be at the dojo on Friday, then moving to a nearby high school for Saturday and Sunday for more training space.

    Our dojo knows Nakazawa Sensei from trips to Japan for Yoshinkan festivals and seminars. He left the Yoshinkai officially some time ago (but still attends their events, apparently), and married a Russian women who's father is a SAMBO instructor. Our instructor worked out Nakazawa coming to Ohio (and a seminar in Canada I think) while in Japan last year...knowing that many of the guys at our school would love a chance to try out SAMBO (there isn't **** for SAMBO that I know of in Ohio), he thought it would be a good fit for us. And that's about all I know about Nakazawa Sensei.

    I really hope its a good seminar, as I am shortening my anniversary trip by a day to attend. Regardless, I think we'll have fun, and hopefully I can steal at least a few useful techniques during the weekend. I've already made the commitment to go, so I am choosing to be optimistic out of necessity....
    Daishi, good to see you out and about. I've been heading out to Shinsuikan for my training of late primarily for the Judo classes. We should really get together and spar a bit, haha.
    Unless you're one of the guys I already know at the place. Either way, if I can spare the cash, I'm always curious and bored.

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    Hey man, I just got back from Afghanistan about two weeks ago. I've been heading up there, but only for the aikido classes on tuesday and thursday to help a friend get ready for his third degree black belt examination that went down on saturday. Now that that's finished I'll prob start heading to aikido once a week and judo once a week...which is what I was doing before I deployed. Tonight I will prob head in a little early for the karate class, to get an extra workout and because my wife is working late tonight and I won't see her anyway.

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