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    Nice one..

    Yeah in general terms which ever "RFS" Resident Field Sqn is on tour, one of their responsibilities will be to deploy a fire team with MERT to protect the airframe and crew when it's on the ground. We also assist the medics as BFA in the air if requested.

    As you say FAC is another of our responsibilities, generally I find that when attached those guys get to know the personality, most of us "Rocks" are actually decent blokes who don't over estimate or big-up our role beyond what it is. BUT, because we're a really small facet of the Air Force, only around 2k's worth of troops, a small amount of bullshit unfortunately resonates a long way. And like I say II Sqn are mainly responsible for the vast majority.

    My Sqn just returned from Barry Buddon.

    "To sin by silence when one should protest makes cowards out of men".

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    Just watching this episode, latest in the series following new recruits on the journey from basic training to Afghanistan.

    Entertaining bit where the Brits get briefed by a US Navy guy, was quite funny to see how animated the US guy was and how the Brits were a little embarrassed by the whole thing.

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