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    BJJ,Sumo,MT,and MMA at Olympia?

    I was fortunate to attend the first day of Olympia this weekend. it seemed like a bunch of supplement guys peddling their wares to the obvious crowd of weightlifters, body builders, and many Tappfliction Toolbags! I'm starting to think the Tappfliction guys are more geared towards bodybuilding, and Jersey Shore than even MMA.

    As my wife made her rounds picking up free samples of supplements, t-shirts, and other swag, I noticed, off to the side, some mat spaces. I looked further down the way and saw a Sumo ring and some Sumo guys practicing. A little time went by and a couple of Muay Thai guys started doing some training in the MMA area. little while later and there was a class of sorts by a local BJJ school, I believe it was Rod Wilson BJJ. Regrettably I lost the flier he handed out so I'm not 100% on his name.

    I was there on Friday 09/16/2011, and apparently on Saturday 09/17/2011 they were having some competitions in these areas. The biggest area was the grappling mats. It was basically vinyl tatami arranged as a huge mat space. It appeared the competition was going to be run by a World Grappling Games (WGG). I wish we had more time in Vegas to attend the second day of Olympia, to watch some of these competitions.

    I was just wondering if anyone was there, or has gone to Olympia before, and they had these competitions going on? Has anyone competed in these competitions? Does anyone know what the caliber of these comps are? DO they do them every year?

    My wife and I had a good time and are thinking of maybe making Olympia an annual trip. If it was in Vegas every year, we would definitely go. Next year is supposed to be in Orlando, Florida. We weren't planning on attending this year, we just happened to be in Vegas for the first day, and a friend who owns a local supplement shop found out we were in town and invited us.

    Just thought I would put this out there cause I haven't seen anything on it yet. Maybe next year some of you guys who train and compete in these areas, might think about going to Olympia, if it's a quality competition.
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