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    Quote Originally Posted by HereBeADragon View Post
    I dont mean like an exercise cycle. I mean a training cycle as in changing your training program from month to month based on a specific goal or set of goals. Btw I used to love rowing too when I had a gym membership. Great exerise.
    Generally, in the exercise-phys community, we call what you are referring to as "cycling": periodization. Other than the terminology, however, you're on the money. It's a good idea.

    To put it in general terms that can be applied by each individual: Train for one goal at a time. When you're in a strength phase, focus totally on strength. Then move to another phase, say, conditioning. Then focus totally on that. So on and so on.

    The reason being that your body physiologically responds to what you ask it to do. If you ask it do a bunch of things at ONE TIME, it won't really know where to allocate its resources, and will accomplish very little. Sure, you might make minor gains but it won't be anywhere near your potential. If you focus entirely on strength, your body knows exactly what to get better at. Then, when you switch gears and focus on something else, it will get better at that, too. You might lose a little bit of strength during that time, but you won't lose much, and you certainly won't lose everything. As long as you're active and your diet is good, you'll be able to retain the majority of what you had gained previously.

    It's much like dealing with women: don't give mixed signals. If you do, you won't get nothin'.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TaeBo_Master View Post
    It's much like dealing with women: don't give mixed signals. If you do, you won't get nothin'.
    I thought it was the other way around :P

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