Another new guy to the forum. I am Shodan in Judo, my dojo is Tomadachi Judo in Boynton beach and Boca Raton Florida. I used to compete, teach, coach and referee but have mostly out of the dojo for about 6 years. I got divorced and other priorities in life took a fore fron,t but I miss it a lot. I also think I was getting a little burnt out, basically most free time was at the dojo or helping set up tournaments. The injuries were adding up too and as I get older I do not heal as fast. For a while after getting divorced I was sole provider for my kids and could not risk missing work. I really like competing and training to compete, so when the suggestion came up to focus on Kata instead of competing so that I may avoid injury and miss work, well that just did not fill my desires. So after a long hiatus I'm looking at heading back to the dojo. This looks to be a forum. Thanks.