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    since joining this site ive done a little of what i hoped to. that is Heard some ideas about fighting strategy and realities and learned some historical info on different arts. There is some interesting stuff in the forum, but not much on training techniqes themselves.

    unfortunately though, most of what i see is a boy-zone of macho and insecure people who actually want to get in fights, or pretend they do, and argue over homophobic, sexist and macho remarks. all ive ever trained in is boxing and bjj and never heard as much **** talking homphobia and chest puffing in those thoses gyms as on this site.

    but the whole point of martial arts, (in a day and age of bombs and guns)is for a weaker person to overcome a stronger, more agresive atacker through technique, and improving your life through training that.
    thats not a macho pursuit, but an honorable one.
    so i advise you real men out there to go get a gun , a bat and a wife to beat-or maybe a career as a bouncer for Limp bizkit- if you think needless violence and proving your masculinity will actually make you happy in life and help others in this world. you might think MA is for you,but its not. so leave or challenge yourselves with a new approach. maybe you think im a fucking boy scout, but if i'm wrong- tell me why.
    are there any women or queers on the site? i'm curious as to what you guys think about this.

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    The term Romo has been around for a WHILe and is used on every martial arts site I've ever been too. I dont think your a boy scout but if someone is being an asshole then they deserve to have someone treat them like an asshole right back. Whenh you see 2 guys arguing it really shouldnt effect you so deeply. Especially when we argue the way we do ANYONE can see how half hearted it is.
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    Well, just to give you a little bit of advice, I believe the term is either homosexuals or gays. To use the term queer is equivalent to using the term broads or chics when refering to women.

    Anyway, people are going to argue. There are occasionally some good debates that don't degenerate into flame wars. The majority of the flame wars are started by trolls who are just looking to get a rise out of someone. Take my advice and just leave it be. Don't follow in my footsteps and get wrapped up in a couple of the wars...It just wastes your time and energy. Take what you can from this forum, there are some goood practitioners from various disciplines that have some great advice.

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