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    Bellator 50: Middleweight Quarter Finals - Sept. 17, 2011

    Bellator Fighting Championships 50
    Sept. 17, 2011
    Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
    Hollywood, FL

    Middleweight Quarter Finals

    Bryan Baker vs. Jared Hess
    Zelg Galesic vs. Alexander Shlemenko
    Sam Alvey vs. Vitor Vianna
    Victor O'Donnell vs. Brian Rogers

    Undercard and Local Fights
    Ailton Barbosa vs. Ryan Keenan
    Cristiano Souza vs. John Kelly
    Valdir Araujo vs. Ryan Hodge
    Radley Martinez vs. Brian van Hoven
    Dietter Navarro vs. Marcelo Goncalves
    Luis Palomino vs. James Edson Berto
    Shah Bobonis vs. Marcos da Matta
    Martin Brown vs. James Reese

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    I fucking hate MTV. They make you pay for another channel to watch anything other than Jersey Shore or pregnant teenagers.

    I picked Jared Hess to win it from the begining, I'm sticking with that pick, and it's the only one I'm making.

    EDIT- I hope Shlemenko wins too so Hess can get that loss back.

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    This was an awful event. The only fight that wasn't terribly boring was the Shlemenko one. Hess seemed like he was out on his feet almost the entire fight, and I couldn't believe that he didn't get knocked out. I think Baker needs to work on his jits so he can actually finish the anaconda choke next time.

    I guess the correct response is to have a greater appreciation for the skill level of the fighters in the UFC, Strikeforce, and Dream, but it's going to be hard for me not to hate Bellator after this shameful display.


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