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    Combat Ki

    I was associated with Sarcharnoski's group in early mid 80's before moving on to other cross training. I trained in Combat Ki and had a Dan ranking under one of his Black Belts. And yes you can learn to pull your testicles up and thrust your hips forward to lessen the impact of the groin kick still hurts.

    I learned three things out of it,
    1) to do break falls on concrete without getting hurt
    2) to fight through pain by absorbing groin kick and
    3) one does learn a technique for taking the throat punches that can give you a few extra seconds to try to survive and get out of a choke (basically swallowing and collapsing your adams apple while slowly forcing air out).

    The "Kenpo-Jitso" type technique were mostly standup, rapid kenpo strikes and Aiki type locks and throws. There was some ground work but not much, course we are talking 80's here.

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    Welcome to bullshido. I predict your stay will be enlightening or entertaining for us. I wonder if an mri or cat scan would be able to show the testicle location through clothes.


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