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    Wasn't Sambo designed by former Russian military guys for use of Russians and Russian soldiers (in a nutshell)? I would think that would be about as combat oriented as you're gonna get. The JJJ school sounds good but $160ish a month is pricey. Give the bullies more time and see what is available. I wish there were a sambo school near me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bulldog1 View Post
    A lot of the schools in the area are TKD or TKD based. I wanted to get into a more combat oriented, street oriented system. Also, I don't know very much at all about Sambo, but isn't Sambo mainly Russian wrestling?
    Depending on the school, Sambo would be exactly what you are asking for. Try rolling at some of those schools, if it is fun, stay. If you hate it, leave. You want to balance location, price, and enjoyability. When all those are right, you will be at a place that you can train for a long time. If any one of those is not right, you will leave after 3 months.
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    Thank you all for the tips. Looks like I'll try out the Sambo school and see how it goes. I'll let you know how it is. Thanks again.

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    If you have a sambo school near by then that is the place. Contact the user sambosteve and he should be able to give you more info on the school.
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    Sambosteve is a real friendly Sambo instructor in NY city, and has a very good rep - I agree with Gezere that he's sure to know about Ultimate Sambo (and the owners, Yvonne and Vladislav Koulikov)- they sound good, but DO message Steve and ask, he's a major guy in Sambo. And then be sure to post, now that you have our attention, I want feedback. Nothing annoys me more than never hearing back from someone! But then I'm a drama whore.

    Did you check out Excelsior Martial Arts? It has good reviews.

    Here's a review of American Self-Defense-Fitness 9 Fairway Drive, Monroe, NY 10950-1700 (and I must say it sounds good - I wish I had your choices, here in Logan we have shitty TKD that claims to also teach Judo, though no one there is qualified, some somewhat odd Kajukenbo and Karate and shitty wing chun):
    The owner is an absolute great guy, very helpful, very knowledgeable, and one tough former boxer. The gym is in an older stone building, The first floor is all weights, and machines and the second floor is all boxing, MMA, and other martial art equipment. The first floor is a little cramped, but its only because it has every workout machine known to man. All equipment is in good shape, some benches and a few machines are a little beat up (paint is chipped, etc.) but i can assure you each machine is safe and works properly. This gym is not like planet fitness, where everything is painted cool colors and they have pizza parties. This is more of a serious gym where people come with serious goals in mind. (Bodybuilder, boxer, strongman, MMA, power lifter, Kick boxing, etc.) Overall, besides a few machines with some paint chipping off, the gym is great and hardcore. Especially with the other members, who each have a great story to tell and are very friendly. Gym shows all walks of life 24 hours a day and 7 days a week! Oh, and i almost forgot, Gym has coaches for each and every martial art on different days. BIG plus!
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    Thinking maybe the self defense company banner is working.

    I hear where you're coming from and I also enjoy learning from DVDs from time to time. I've actually watched the Damian Ross DVDs that my buddy has. I like them and picked up some useful stuff, but still a dummy will not prepare you for facing a real opponent. Assuming you're a decent sized male you won't be targeted on the streets. You may be more likely to be at a bar or company xmas party where a friend or dude with one too many drinks gets pissed and wants to throw down. In which case he'll probably know (somewhat) what he's doing and square off. He'll be a little more agile than B.O.B. I love the concepts of combatives but learning them from DVDs does not actually teach you how to fight. I'd agree that you are your best instructor, but you'll learn most from sparring feedback, not from how your heavybag/BOB moved. I'd say for that more likely situation (and if you want a dvd) watch bas ruttens street fighting for free on youtube. Comedic, entertaining, Little too much Krav Maga in there though .....(you can also support Bas by picking up a cheap copy at ebay brand new. Just got one myself. Didn't want to steel from BAS!!)

    If anything it's worth joining a gym/MA to at least supplement with actual sparring. They (RBSD, Combatives) are all about replicating "real" situations except for actually training with a REAL opponent.

    I recently watched Vunak's Enigma DVD and at least he admits you need a base in boxing/jiujitsu. He even goes as far to say that the ground stuff he teaches in the dvd should be absorbed best if you have at least a purple belt in bjj. His point is you have to be used to handling or working in a standing/ground positions
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