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I hate to post this idea since I was going to patent it and all. Bullies, just promise me you won't rip off my idea and make all the money, if you can't promise me than don't read my post.

GI suspenders! Never mind failing elastic waisted pants leaving your balls exposed, and forget uneven drawstrings, suspenders are the future. You could go with the fancy button on variety for your pricey Lucky GI, or the more economical clip on suspenders for your cheap ass Century GI. The suspenders will be discreetly covered by your GI jacket or if you wanna look tough you can rock the suspenders over your jacket whilst you strut around with your thumbs in the suspender bands an threateningly snap them on your man chest at newbs. Think of the marketing too; suspenders to match your belt level, light weight carbon fiber suspenders for optimum speed, tapout suspenders for the dooshes, silk suspenders for the CMA guys, and ruffled suspenders for the ninjas and chunners!

I think I've really got something here. I'm gonna contact the guys at Rupture to work something out.
We Aikidoka keep our pants up with Ki power, and we train each side of our body evenly so when we wash our Gi pants, the string is balanced and in harmony with the cycle of the wash. We don't have the string problem. Maybe you Judoka and BJJers should try burning incense at the gym after a workout so your Gi pant string can relax and center before you take them off.