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Not really a lot, but I have seen it. The holding of collar is supposed to make it difficult for the other guy to grab it. It's kind of an older affectation, but nowadays if you do it it will get a shido. It's really silly, because in a ai yotsu situation, anybody worth a **** wants the right sleeve, and there he is waiving it around and extended where you just move the the outside 2 on one and have sleeve control.

For a while the common though on gripping in the US at least, was to "set the power hand" (tsurite) first. This was all from I think a USJA training manuel put out in the 80s.

Of course, my training was the opposite, control the sleeve first for ai yotsu. Not that I was that good at it, but at least I tried. Nobody really taught specific sequences very much, a la' Jimmy Pedro or Rhadi.
Yeh its illegal now, my coach teaches the variation I describe where you hover your outstretched palm over the lapel and that's legal.

I'm not sure how you've been taught it, but I''ve been taught it so that in Ai yotsu your right hand is hovering over your lapel, so there's little danger of it waving around as your describe.

Instead you, use your free left/hikite hand to sleeve/ lapel hunt.

However, doing what sirc is doing means that he's waving his tsurite about and is beginning for a quick lapel to double feed to draw in his tsurite hand and boom. Sleeve dominated, game over.

Yeh like you I was taught to control the sleeve first, but none of the guys actually did it. They always got the lapel first and drew you in and then controlled your sleeve.

Not saying controlling the sleeve is wrong, but my experience of experienced guys, is they control the lapel and collapse your strong shoulder side and then sleeve hunt.

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I never really adopted that habit, I was too aggressive to worry about protecting the lapel. Nowadays I focus on teaching and doing positive gripping skills linked to move/throw/katame waza sequences.

When I watch someone grapple, be it Judo or otherwise, it's not the actual technique of the takedown/throw/pin/sub that I'm really paying attention to, it's how they manage their body and spacial relationships, posture, etc. Of course, the actual technique to finish is important, but someone truly skilled shows it way before a throw or finishing technique happens.
Yeh I rarely do it as well, but if someone's going to try it, might as well tell them how to do it properly.

I normally cross grip to feed the lapel into my tsurite and then go from there. If its a left hander then I go double lapel as long as it takes for them to feel threatened and grip my sleeve and then fold my grip over from their lapel to their sleeve.

Re: the whole total body positioning thing. I'm not sure I'm at that level of perception/ understanding yet. Hopefully I'll get there in the coming years. Lol.