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Thread: Uchi mata

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    The key here is Yamashita’s point about ‘pulling down’ with the sleeve hand its incredibly important to ensure successfully completing a ken ken Uchi mata.
    Yah, I understand that it is circular. And down. It just can be a bit sudden as BKR mentioned.

    You guys are correct in that when done correctly this is not a terribly dangerous throw. Maybe it was just my beginner's ineptitude with this throw in particular, but I have only injured training partners with throw. (years ago) It may just be a random anecdote, but since we are in the Basics forum, I thought it was worth mentioning.

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    Absolutely worth mentioning, as it points out it's not a beginners version of Uchi Mata. Of course, Uchi Mata is not a beginners throw, so go figure.
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