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    Another big factor when considering heat during exercise is asthma.

    I have asthma (exercise-induced, to be specific) do about 8% of all Americans, 9% of American children, and 300 million people worldwide.

    Exercising in the heat without emergency medicine available can be pretty dangerous for me, although I haven't had a real attack in years (been close) theoretically rolling around, sparring, or even doing forms in hot weather or a heated room could bring on an asthmatic episode leading to cardiac arrest.

    This is why arts that encourage proper, efficient breathing help me out significantly..this is part of why I study kung fu.

    So, it's not about being a "Tough Guy" and sweating it out in the heat. You need to be smart, it's ok to ask for water, take a break, stand by the fan, active cool, whatever you need to do.

    Dying or getting brain damage for a few extra daily calories burned is not worth it.
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    I disagree. You have to be a little bit smart, but everything else is about mentality. A lot of it IS about being a "tough guy," you just can't be stupid about it.

    Training in the heat: Just make sure you have salt and water nearby, whether its gatorade or whatever. You'll be fine, especially with a coach around. ESPECIALLY if we're talking about training in a crowded gym with no AC. Its not like we're in the blistering sun. STop being a *****!!

    Asthma: You can do a lot to combat excercise induced asthma. I myself have it. It mostly went away. I havent had an attack even in a kickboxing match and pankration tournaments. I second that you should carry your inhaler everywhere but don't let it limit you. The only time I've had an onset of an attack was at a beginner's judo tourney, many years ago. I didn't need the inhaler, though I think I was close to needing it. The way to make it go away is to train more. Keep pushing your cardio. Swim a lot. Run every day.

    Anyways, my point is, don't use this crap as excuses not to push yourself. Don't be stupid but you DO want to toughen up your mind. Fighting in the heat. Fighting in general. Endurance training. All of this is driven by your mentality, which needs to be tough. Being a tough guy basically the essense of these things. Just don't be a stoopid tough guy. Add us on facebook!
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    For me, having the salt available is easy. The air is so dry and arid, that the sweat evaporates away leaving a crust of salt upon your brow.

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    I remember when I first started out in CMA and we had black uniforms..I realized after a couple of months that a strange, white residue was visible on my shirt after workouts. I was dumbfounded for a couple of weeks and thought they had given me some cheap-ass shirt.
    It took me a while to figure out the faint outline that was visible was traces of my own salt coming out through my perspiration.

    As for training in the heat..I'm all for it indoors as long as there are a couple of fans and lots of cold water. But I'm not a fan of working out in the intense heat outdoors. I'll pass..
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