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    You'll probably all hate me for bumping this thread after all this time (or already do... or actually don't even remember who I am) but I feel I should shed some light on what I learned about anxiety and what happened after I posted this thread. I'm not completely over the hump, but I'm getting there. I went through a really hard time with depression after my dad passed, I wrote this thread right before I went into college and sadly (yes sadly and I'll explain) got back on my anti-depressants for a short period of time.
    At this point in my life I was 135 lbs. Way too skinny for someone who is 5'9 with a big frame. I was getting a ton of exercise but wasn't eating right. I was depressed, I didn't want to live anymore honestly, I think I would smile once a day. I don't believe in meds UNLESS they are the absolute last option, and they helped a lot but should be used wisely, don't be on them your whole life, because I really am starting to believe that chemical imbalance theory is bullshit. Long story short about anti-depressants, they helped me get out of a hole that started to have dirt shoveled into it.
    I got off them, saw a therapist, and have been hitting up a gym for about 3 months now. I still get really nervous over little things like reading out loud, or having to give a presentation, but I've realized you have to face your fears! YOU GOTTA DO THIS **** ON YOUR OWN, NO MEDS, NO DRUGS (well sometimes), JUST YOU AND YOUR GOD DAMN WILL BABY! The things I learned were A. Eat good. B. Try to find, someone, if anybody to talk to face to face (online only goes so far). and C. WORKOUT, run for 100 miles a day, do your gym routine to the fullest, and let all your problems get wrung out like your shirt will be after all of it. Going to a gym is seriously changing my life and I can't wait to get back into shape.

    To all the young people out there dealing with anxiety, go for a run on a track (because I'm sure you don't run and are starting to get back into it.) Go for a looonnnggg run, I mean 20 mins at least, break through that wall, imagine your goal is at the end of that wall and you gotta finish to get it. At the end of it, if you did those other three steps, I guarantee you will feel MUCH better.

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    Congrats on being in a better place, even if you are not at the best place yet. Finding a coping mechanism that works for you is important. Keep up the good work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tranquil Suit View Post
    Fish oil = good stuff

    Unless you're talking about mixing it with crack, in which case dunno.
    I would think crack with fish oil is better for you than crack without it.

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