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    As I am a bigger guy(6'3", +/-245) I can only tell you what my BJJ instructor does with the big guys in the school, of which we have several. He tells the smaller guys to move faster and keep the bigger guys guessing.

    It seems like common sense, but one thing I always see is that if the smaller guys pull guard or end up in side control, they are in a world of hurt. The smaller guys always try to keep top game and move quickly. Seems to work pretty good in our school as we have some guys well over 300+ pounds.

    I am only ~1 year of BJJ now, so I am probably not telling you anything you don't know or could not figure out on your own.
    I agree. I've rolled with some big dudes. I'm a big guy myself. What I've found that works is, similar.

    Keep moving, don't pull guard, side control and north/south work real well. Becareful taking their backs too, the big guys wont be affected by your weight to keep them down.

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    i'm 6'4, 205 lbs (recently down from over 240) and stronger than most 205ers.

    i'm the biggest, and strongest, person at my bjj club. the guys that do the best against me follow some pretty simple rules.

    when i'm turning them over, breaking their turtle, opening their guard, etc., they go with it instead of fighting it. they know they are going heels over head or their guard is opening, so they try to let it happen on their terms.

    also, they move around me. one kid is really good at isolating one of my limbs and keeping me where he wants me, then moving around my body to take my back, get out of side control, or slip out the back door.

    finally, they trust their techniques. guys that were experienced enough to handle me were scared of my size and strength and would try to out muscle me. big mistake. as soon as they started trusting the validity of what they had been taught, they did a lot better against me.

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    I've been on both sides of this(when I started I weighed like 280, and at 190 now I'm bigger than a lot of people, but there are a few who are much bigger than me)I think by and large your best bet is to play your game, whatever that is. There's some stuff you don't want to do against guys who are much bigger than you(depending on how much size difference there is you can't lock a triangle, you don't want to midget wrestle guys much bigger than you, with huge size discrepancies close guard is a bad idea) but if you have a good de la riva/spider/butterfly/closed/whatever than use it, you're generally going to have more success playing your game than playing someone else.

    I remember when I was a fatty a lot of my training partners would go away from there bread and butter and try a more "big person friendly game" struggle for a few minutes and then go back to there game and promptly sweep/finish/whatever me. If your butterfly isn't that good in general, how much success do you think your going to have on someone you can't muscle at all? If you want to tailor your game to something that you think will be better against all sizes that's fine, but don't do one thing against 90% of your training partners and another against the guys bigger than you unless you absolutely have to.

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