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Thread: Aikikai shodan

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    The fee was 10 Euro (=15 $US), the same as for all grades in our organisation.
    *gets knickers in a twist, thinking the grade or organisation is being questioned*

    I'm sure I'm being trolled but here's more information for for you:
    • Dan grade testing is annually at the residential summer school (maximum cost is 400E, I paid 350E).
    • Membership fees for the year range from 20E to 60E.
    • I was examined by a 6th dan, there were also about a dozen other yudansha present to assist with the evaluation.
    • Certificate from the Doshu is usually presented on his behalf the following year at summer school.
    • International Aikido Federation yudansha licence will arrive in few months.
    • It's customary in the dojo to continue wearing a white belt until the licence has arrived.
    • The hakama is worn once permission is given by sensei. I was given a gift of one from him to wear in the dojo some time ago. I will now wear it in other clubs too.
    Shouldn't that be 'magic pants in a twist'. Mwwaaaahaahhaahaaaaaa! I'm so funneee.

    Ahem. Congratulations.

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    I wonder why Aikikai Italia charges 150 E for the Shodan test...

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