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    I just watched the full "Superheroes" documentary on HBO tonight.

    I like the fact that a lot of these people also donate to shelters and soup kitchens.

    Some of them are clearly mentally scarred by past experience (how about the "I was forced to join the KKK and fight in bare knuckle pit fights, so now I help the homeless and fight evil" guy, Master Legend"???).

    Some of them are well meaning (the guy who's also an EMT) and some are downright scary (the guys in the fucked up demonic hockey masks who just want to hurt "bad" people).

    Gay EMT superhero..that's NYC for you, just like San Diego has the Latino menace, Mr. xTreme.

    I think the vast majority of these kids have self esteem problems, and their superhero guises are defense mechanisms to help them gain confidence for dealing with the outside world...the bullied become Anti Bully, per se.

    Sadly, most of the kids doing this are going to get hurt by real criminals..especially now that they've done something Batman would never be stupid enough to do...

    ... an HBO a documentary.

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