In an attempt to cut costs, I will be moving further away from the university as the rent there is significantly cheaper (a save of OVER $400 a month!). I will be living at Croydon Park, New South Wales in Sydneys Inner West instead (its okay if you have not heard of this quiet little suburbs with little shops- my friend driving me there got lost on the way too).

Since I have more cash now ,I should really treat myself to some grappling perhaps twice a week...anyone know any good places nearby (again, just search up the suburb)?

I know there's SPMA, but the classes run till 9pm. I don't have a car so I'll most likely be biking or walking my way back. A 19 year old girl who is 5"6 travelling at night is not what I'll call safe so I'll prefer classes that finish when the sky is still light.

Any suggestions?