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    Leg over body = DQ? (BJJ rules)

    I usually try to escape the triangle choke by swinging one leg over their body and pushing my other foot into their armpit.

    My instructor saw me doing this and said that a leg over the body will get you DQ'd.

    I thought that was only if you were going for a leg lock, what gives?

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    What you are talking about is "reaping the knee".

    It happens when say, your left leg, wraps around their right leg and your left heel crosses their right hip line.

    The issue is that it is a lateral attack on the knee which is banned due to safety concerns. The outside (lateral) and inside (medial) ligaments are relatively weak and provide very little feedback as to when they reach their breaking point.

    I've seen people DQ'ed the moment their heel crosses the hip line. The refs don't play around with it.

    If your foot is up in the armpit to defend the triangle, there shouldn't be an issue.

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    I could only see it as a problem if when you pop out of the triangle to grab their foot. I think you'd be fine trying the escape you mentioned, atleast I haven't been DQ'd for it when I competed.

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    I think what he's describing is more like a step-over spine lock. Some BJJ groups ban the triangle escape or guard pass where you pull their hips up and twist their body by stepping over their head (you end up in a Boston crab type thingy). if you fall while you're doing it, you can wreck the guys back. It is kind of dangerous, but alot of this **** is dangerous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Killbot View Post
    if you fall while you're doing it, you can wreck the guys back.
    You can also fall the other way and smash your face into the floor and/or take on a c-spine injury. Those mats are not as forgiving as they look.
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