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    So there are benefits to both particular kicking styles:

    MT: Lower and mid kicks produce a high amount of power due to the torque being generated from the hips, less chambering and kicking from the shins will provide a larger and harder surface area than kicking from the instep of the foot, because of the amount of force that is needed to kick, the wind up can be predictable at times.

    TKD: A high speed kick which focuses more on the mid and high sections of the body, chambering with a snapping instep kick would confuse an opponent that would have to decide on which part of the body to guard, because there is no follow through of the kick, there is less power generated, not so good for conditioned shins, arms or body but great for accurate head kicks.

    It’s all about which form you are most comfortable at.

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    imo Kyokushin Karate has a very good balance of kicking while maintaining distance and having the ability to headkick and very close distances, which means while you kick people you know your opponent might try to punch you. in TKD fights your opponent will almost never try to punch you so you dont worry about anything and you just throw kicks like theirs no tomorrow, which can be bad if your doing more realistic fighting like mma (or a street fight).

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