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    Is this okay?

    I was trying out gloves during the weekend and finally decided on a pair of 10z "fight gloves" (I didn't get the "sparring gloves" as it specified it was for light contact only. Whilst I don't want to kill anyone during practice, I would like to go at more than 30% at times so I found them unsuitable). I arrived at training today and I asked the opinion of the two coaches there. One of them asked me to return them for 16oz as it was pretty much standard protacol...the other, however, asked me to keep them.

    His logic goes like this:

    You see, I am 5"3 (163cm) and am barely above 100 pounds (44kg). I am the only girl in my gym...not the mention also being the one with the smallest amount of experience. The guy that is closest to me in build is 5"6 (168cm) and weighs 58kg (128 pounds). He has TWO YEARS of experience in the ring. The one that is closest to me in terms of experience is 5"8 (172cm) and weights 62kg (138 pounds). He is still six weeks ahead of me (this is my third week into the sweet science). Coach reasons that I am going to get ANNIHALATED if I stepped into the ring next week with 16oz on. He says that the lesser weight in the gloves will give me a much needed advantage- afterall, I am not going to be able to produce remotely as much force as everyone else. That and the fact I look RIDICULOUS (like the 16 oz glove literally swallows up three thirds of my forearm) using anything else.

    The guys around the gym already said that they don't mind me having this edge over them- rather some of them said they will delibrately hold back as well as let me wear them.

    Do you reckon its okay?

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    I always thought 16oz gloves were the norm purely for safety reasons. Firstly because of the padding and secondly they will cover your head better when blocking.

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    Agreed. Part of the joy of 16oz gloves, is that your guard will be more effective, most likely wearing the 16oz jobbies.

    I've sparred a no0b (he was at the time) where he got 4oz glove, and me 16's, but I don't think it's in your best interests, possibly, to use smaller ones, in general training.

    Firstly, the extra weight (I competed w/ 8 or 10 oz gloves, I forget now, but always trained in 16's) helps develop your arms, and enforce good form, as punching w/ the arms, and not from the torque of the hip will tire you out quickly w/ 1lb gloves on your arms.

    Secondly, as Volya mentioned, your guard will be more effective. What you lose in snappy punches, you'll gain in self-protection.

    Also if you ever do the sort of drills where you punch/kick each others gloves, rather than take turns wearing the focus mitts/thai pads, being the smallest person in the gym, you'll likely do better with larger gloves.

    If your instructors are cool with it, I suppose you could, but I'd recommend, for your own safety/training getting the bigger gloves. And don't worry about looking silly, I look ridiculous in literally everything I ever wear.

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    If you plan to fight and your coaches/training partners don't care I would stick with them or get 12oz gloves. 16oz gloves will be HUGE on you and you will never fight with anything that big. Its nice to train with 2oz heavier than whatever you will fight with IMO. Furthermore at your size I think 16oz gloves offer too much peek-a-boo protection. you will develop a guard that won't work with the comparatively tiny gloves you'd fight in.


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