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    Quote Originally Posted by kip View Post
    Now on to watch the warriors edge. I am concerned bc all blade fighting has taught me you will get cut just dont get killed. Cold Steel claims they teach you to knife fight without getting cut.
    I would be astounded and amazed to see someone elusive enough not to get cut in a knife fight. That's one half of the entire problem with knives, that one can reverse direction on a cut, or convert a cut to a stab or vice versa incredibly fast (the other half of the problem being that no wind-up or body commitment is necessary to make a stab or cut potentially lethal or life-changing).

    Unless they show a method of being 10 times faster than the other guy, or how to develop the long arms of a gibbon, if you are in range to be cut, most likely you'll be cut.

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    I think the Cold Steel videos are usually pretty good. My aunt worked for Cold Steel, and she got me copies of the Warrior's Edge VHS series, Fighting with the Saber and Cutlass, and the Ron Balicki sarong DVD. Well made, good information, and Lynn bases his stuff on actual sparring (they like fencing masks and padded weapons).

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