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    I once heard someone say the guard can be used in the str33t.
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    When he says "knife hand", he doesn't literally mean slashing kids with knives. That's just implied.
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    Originally posted by Shinken
    "Double knife hand strike to the nerves on the inside surface of the upper arm WHILE someone is throwing a haymaker at you with that arm. I laughed. "

    I did this - to a smart ass 16 yr old in my class who said it wouldn't work. I also gave him a club, to make it more interesting. I don't know how you were shown, but this kid screamed upon impact, dropped the club then dropped to the ground. Of course, those were the good old days, before you could get sued over a broken toenail * sighs *
    Good for you. I maintain that it is still a moronic technique in that you are using BOTH of your hands to hit their ARM. Think about this. The other side of your head is totally open for them to punch you and I guarantee you are not going to hit their arm hard enough to knock them down.

    Furthermore, with moving towards you and swinging full speed, it's a bit hard to hit the target.
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    Originally posted by bunyip
    Ok, on second thought, what I wrote above doesn't make that much sense, because there are definitely times in rock climbing when you would use your index finger (generally when the next handhold is small and directly above your head). However, you usually use your ring and pinky finger when the handholds are to the side, and you try to plan your route so that you're pulling sideways on the handholds. So you do end up using your fourth and fifth fingers more.

    I think in judo and BJJ most of the pulling is more similar to the climbing situation where you're pulling on a grip laterally, rather than something directly above your head.

    Of course, this provides no explanation of WHY this is the case, so I guess this whole answer was somewhat pointless. Maybe someone with some knowledge of anatomy will chime in now.
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    I think I've seen a jujutsu guy go the knifehand, to the bicep, but he was moving through into a throw. And he moved like a freight train.

    Standing there and chopping it though does sound idiotic.

    I'm confused, where did all the SPINNING cresent/back kicks to a knife wielding assailant go? :)

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    You wouldn't stand still and "chop" at a punching arm Gajus, done right it WILL drop most people (at the very least it severely weakens the arm and is very painful--sorry, but everyone has a median nerve and brachial artery) and if you can't hit a target that big, you should spend less time thinking up insults and more time training.

    As I understand, the reason for gripping with the thumb, ring, and middle fingers is the way the tendons are connected. Engaging the index and little fingers actually weakens the grip of the two inside fingers (and creates unecessary tension in the arm). You also grip weapons with these three.
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    Chicken beak* to the top of the skull.

    * A chicken beak happens when you bunch your finger (and thumb) tips together.

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    Worst Worthless Technique was NAMI ASHI to repell a sai thrust!!!!!! :eek:
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    A bo vs. bo technique where you parry the bo away and with ONE hand rip the bo out of his TWO handed grip.

    I used to think the whole concept of bo vs bo sparring and self defense was dumb as hell. Then I thought that if I were to find a long stick or pipe in da st33t then my opponent may come across one as well. So its not THAT gay.
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    This was a kokyu nage variant where nage hops back and grabs uke's punch with an underhanded grip, rotates the grip while bringing the other hand through uke's armpit to his other shoulder and throws. I understand this was mostly for learning "ma-ai" and timing, but I thought it was the most impractical technique ever. We also did this in a line throw.

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