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    Quote Originally Posted by dwkfym View Post
    I'd worry more about pressing to hard. But I've never actually regularly used a SERPA holster so please take this with a grain of salt. People shoot themselves with it with more frequency than you'd think. Finger is too close to the trigger when you actuate the switch. Especially since your fine motor skills are most likely to be to be compromised if you ever have to draw it. When I practice my draws, my finger is actually entirely off (arched back because my fingers bend that way a bit) until gun is pointed at target. With the serpa, I may have it in the general vincity of the trigger with my finger hopefully on the frame but perhaps unfortunately going into the trigger guard.

    Anyways, yes, I think the desire for active retention is mainly just to feel better about it, even though it doesn't fix anything because the problem was there to begin with. I can run full speed with my IWB holsters. Even my OWB holsters I can run as fast as I can (I make my OWB's pretty tight).

    I think the only time you actually need active retention is if its your duty weapon and its out and exposed, for people to grab.. like if you're a cop and its on your duty rig.
    Yeah, I'm definitely cognizant of the possibility of a negligent discharge. I can see how it could happen, but I've never even come close with thousands of draws. I have failed to clear the holster, though.

    Anyway, sounds like we're pretty much on the same page.

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    You can cut away some of the top leather to obtain better grip or order the Combat Cut of the Crossbreed (cutting would be cheaper). Good luck!

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