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    Did I make a diagnosis? Or did I state the facts and recommend he make the best possible decision, on his own, the same as you did. I only stated he should do it *soon*, because that is the only responsible advice to give.

    I'm sure your need to always be right serves you well in life, but we are arguing the same point here so it's all irrelevant. Lindz, I wish the best for you sir and I hope its nothing serious.
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    I almost never go to my "regular" GP so he's really got no familiarity with my condition in any sense. I went to a drop in clinic and she said it's probably nothing. But I have prescription for x ray and ecg so we'll see what that turns up.

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    Not to scaremonger mate, but I'd persevere with this. My father in law has had strange 'turns' for years, he's been driven up to A and E (ER to you yanks) 3 times, either by my mother in law or wife.

    He was misdiagnosed, and told he was suffering from anxiety attacks (in defense of the Drs, he is pretty anxious / highly strung). Same thing happened on holiday, so they removed his gall bladder. Made no difference.

    Two weeks ago, he had a heart attack, caused by a misdiagnosis of unstable angina. The dude's a fifty something year old man in fantastic shape with a family history of cardiac disease.

    Thankfully, the heart attack was mild. And the old fella's shaping up well, he's back home, although he won't be doing ANYTHING harder than a gentle stroll for six or so weeks. We were lucky, his heart attack was mild and it's led to a proper diagnosis, hence manageable illness. FWIW, his mum died completely without warning at sixty four from a massive heart attack.

    I'm not trying to scare you, but it's worth being thorough, and if you're unsure, forcing the issue. It's YOUR health, so don't be fobbed off if you're unhappy with / uncertain of your medical care.

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