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    No time advice

    A while back I posted about a question about doing weekly private lessons (is it enough to get basic self-defense) because I'm working during the day and watching my kid at night most nights. Well lately I've been able to fit in just a MT class or two and maybe a BJJ class. But I feel that having these classes inconsistently (I may go months without MT or BJJ) because of my wifes schedule. I feel that that may keep me from really getting anywhere. Like I said I'm really just wanting to at minimum make it to intermediate skills in atleast one form of fighting (MT/Kickboxing, BJJ, etc.); just coming out with some strong skill. I'm beginning to wonder if this intermittent schedule is going to work to get anywhere, or would it be better to maybe pick one to specialize in since I don't have time. I was thinking of just doing the MT classes if I can and if not schedule a few private technical sparring lessons a month with the head instructor to keep my knowledge increasing. Or can someone really get somewhere with an inconsistent schedule of MT or BJJ a week? I'm just wanting to not be wasting my time (and money) to simply always be a beginner in everything I learn because I can't stay consistent with it. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.

    P.S. My instructor says I can bring my little girl up to class and put her in a back room too watch their TV, but I know my wife will hate me if I do that (she's taking college courses when I'm watching our girl).

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    Seems like MT would be better for one reason. You can practice on your own at home. BJJ really needs a partner to work with to improve.

    Every little bit of training helps. If you're not seriously trying to become skillfull then just keep doing what you're doing. You'll still learn things.

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    How old is your daughter? Sounds like your wife needs to compromise here. You watch your daughter, you should be able to do a cpl classes a week. Maybe some of the other people there have kids too and they can play together in that back room.
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    Thanks for the advice guys. The thing is I'm not trying to become a fighter (I wish I would have started early in life as I respect all those who have the guts to stand in there and battle it out in the toughest form of competition there is). I just want to be able to handle myself in a fist fight if I had too. I've noticed that over some training classes that my punches and kicks are getting to the point of being technically sound, but of course when I go to spar everything goes out the window. Time and money are of very limited supply though (and I understand the "wife compromise" part, but I already got her to compromise by watching our daughter who just turned 2 during the day to avoid ridiculous daycare costs), so I agreed to watch her nights that she had class. In the end I just want to be able to throw basic strikes under pressure. I love BJJ but it seems like something that would take more practice and repetition with a partner to be effective (even though once effective it would be an amazing skill). My thoughts are to continue technique at home after I put my kid to bed (as I have a few bags to train with), then as many times a month as I can (3 to 4) pay the head trainer to do an hour of good hard boxing/kickboxing sparring with me, to really put pressure on me so I can learn to perform correctly and effectively under it. Please let me know your thoughts, now understanding my goals. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thinkoutloud View Post
    Thanks for the advice guys. The thing is I'm not trying to become a fighter

    I just want to be able to handle myself in a fist fight if I had too.
    I will never understand this contradiction. If you are learning Self Defense you are practicing to become a fighter. You just aren't going the PROFESSIONAL route. A large majority of martial artists are in the same boat. Most people train for self defense, fun or both. The best way to train for self defense is to train as a fighter.

    So, to keep the wife happy you want to train at home? That's how this read to me. Without proper coaching you will not become better.


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