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    I know this person. He (and it is always a he) comes to bjj or sub grappling classes, but he doesn't want to learn holds, he just wants to learn to get out of them and stand back up, like Chuck Liddell (and it is always chuck. Never Dan Henderson, Jose aldo, or Maurice smith). Which is as retarded as me going to a boxing class, but i don't want to learn to punch, i want to learn to slip and block punches.

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    Had one of these idiots just this week. Comes downstairs to where we train so I go over and greet him.

    "Just wanted to see what you guys are doing. I'm in the boxing class upstairs."

    "Cool, it's a good boxing program."

    "yeah I used to train this stuff."

    "Really where at?"

    "Oh Circleville, California, Japan."

    To make a long story short, he couldn't name one gym or instructor that he trained with but claimed he knew all martial arts, everything across the entire spectrum. Told him if he ever wanted to come by an try a class he was welcome to. I then told my senior guys if he comes back and wants to spar have him sign a waiver and then beat the **** out of him.

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    Good news is those 6 month MMA types are usually pretty close to the end of their careers, not many make it to the end of year one.

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