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    Quote Originally Posted by Permalost View Post
    Start going to tougher bars. He'll calm down when every weekend, he's losing a fight.
    This or get a bigger friend who really likes to help strangers out while teaching life lessons. If he feels that hurting people and fighting is acceptable as stress relief he needs to either get beat up, arrested or both; then dump his ass at the curb since he'll only drag you down.

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    I had a friend like this...

    Then he started doing jiu-jitsu where he can spar with people all day long.

    He is a lot calmer now. (But he still get pissed if you push him a little)

    So, yes, aggressive gay sex works.

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    One of my mates used to be like that. It was a pain in the hole going anywhere with him if drink was involved. Either he was asking girls to get their "tits out for the lads" or he was attacking a bouncer or random stranger in a pub. He got his ass kicked a few times and ended up in trouble with the law for assault before adding 2+2 and decided to quit drinking. Insecure lunatic aggression problem solved, plus he finally got a girlfriend so now he's like a dog that got neutered that still manages to have sex on a regular basis. Much happier chappy:)

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    Go up to your friend when he is sober, and beat the **** out of him, but in a supportive...nice way
    When he comes to explain to him that this is what will happen to him if he starts trouble on your nights out again

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    Yep - I've got a very similar mate, how the hell he hasn't been arrested more than he has I don't know. His problem (and it could be the same with your friend) is that he has mental health problems that the drink brings out and he flips. He has now recognises this and does something about it (does'nt drink and is on meds).

    Difficult bit is getting someone to recognise that they have a problem. Good luck with that one.

    Best thing to do I reckon is don't go boozing with him and if you do carry a small club to smack him on the back of the head with if he gets leary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uglybugly View Post
    One of my friends have this really nasty habbit of attacking random strangers when he is drunk. When I say drunk I mean abit drunk not like completely wasted. There are no good reasons for the fights.. He is the aggressor and he goes absolutely crazy when I intervene. I tried talking to him about this but it seems like an impossible task. He said one thing that scared me though.. he said that it helps him in his daily life. Attacking random people helps him in his daily life.. wtf..

    Some issues about this..
    1) it is really embarrassing.
    2) he can get beaten up really bad or get in legal trouble with the police.
    3) It makes it hard to hook up with girls:Rage2:

    I know the obvious advice is to never drink with him again.. however I was hoping that somebody could shed some light on this type of behavior.
    Take him to an underpass and start offering bets on the fights. You may make some booze money!

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