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    Athony De Maio - Muay Thai

    I did a search and found nothing, so apologies if this has already been done. This has come up recently on the UG and also on Sherdog (of which I'm a regular poster) and the call was made for some Bullshido investigative work.

    Basically, this guy, Athony De Maio, claims to have had over 100 fights in Thailand in the 6 years he trained there, as well as claiming to have won 8 major titles.

    He also claims to have held rankings at major stadiums.

    The claims are made in various different places, but I'll try and link as much info as I can. Here is the bio of him on the school where he teaches:


    Here's another site with the same claims:


    Here is a claim of 8 titles:

    from this page:

    "We are proud at TPG to have 8 title belt holder Anthony Demaio on board as the Muay Thai Adjarn! May we suggest... before you think about MMA...think about Muay Thai!""

    EDIT: Ok I just realised that the vid automatically embeds, it's posted on FB though and that is where the 8 title claim is made. If you go to page 4 of the Sherdog thread, you will see someone has the link to it there. That's DeMaio holding the pads btw.

    It also appears lots of his students (or himself) frequent forums to make one or two posts about how awesome the school is, and then vanish once someone raises a question.

    Here are some links to forum discussions, these are what brought this issue to my attention in the first place:



    Here is a similar post to the one I am making, but posted on defend.net:


    I haven't done these investigative bullshido threads before so bear with me, I just read on the forums that someone should bring it to the attention of the guy over here so that is what I am doing. And of course I will help find any more info.
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    Thanks for putting this up.

    I am heading over to thailand so I will doublecheck.

    So far from all the people i consulted all the claims are false, the losses are clearly shown in footage available on the internet.

    There is one person i will hopefully be in touch with who has trained in thailand for like 22 years and knew de maio when he got there. He had such disdain for the guy that he didnt feel it was worth even talking about but he said he will discuss it with me when he has the time. I sent the threads over and he was basically saying much of it was myth.

    So any contributions will be appreciated.

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    The website is experiencing connectivity issues you might not get to much help until it is fixed. Keep us updated.


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