Howdy folks,

New here. Just a regular guy, working a crappy job, living in a crappy house, driving a crappy car. Always been interested in learning a form of MA, and have spent some time doing a bit of research.

My aim here is to just learn a thing or two about the MA's in general, but more specifically, the MA dojos/schools in my area of Austin, TX. Interested in a traditional style, such as Kung Fu or a good solid practical form of Karate (I hear Kyokushin Karate is good ...?) ...Otherwise, Muay Thai has always been something I've been curious about. Problem is, with all the research i've done, it's had the adverse effect of making me afraid to even try any place out for fear that I'd be wasting my time.

Additionally, I have had a hell of a time even finding schools that work in any of the aformentioned arts.

Anyway, thats my intro. Just a silly SoB looking to get some tips from the veterans.