Style: Boxing
Juniors (17 and under): $35 a month for unlimited, $6 for a day
Seniors (18 and over): $45 a month for unlimited, $9 for a day
This payment s on top of the annual membership fee ($10 for juniors, $30 for seniors) for the club itself. Paying for any of the options above also gives you access to the gym from 10am-8pm for the amount of time you paid for. Gym is closed on Sundays.
Lesson Times:
Mon, Wed, Fri- 5:30pm-7:30pm

Aliveness: 9
Everyone gets a sparring match the length of a full amateur match (Australian rules) each session which consists of 3x 2 minute bouts with 1 minute intervals in between. Partners go full contact at each other and inactiveness in the ring is reprimanded by the coach.

Equipment: 7
Groin guard, headgear, mouthpiece, 10z sparring gloves as well as 16oz bag gloves can be borrowed for free or bought from the club should the boxer not have any of their own. Gear is often a little patched out (the colour of the leather may fade or the velcro strap can be a little less sticky at times) but is definately in good enough shape to serve its purposes. Hand wraps are sold and it is compulsory that every body has their own two rolls (probably because of hygienic reasons). Some of the more experienced boxers also have boxing singlets, shorts/trunks, robes and shoes of their own but thats entirely optional and is not catered for.

The gym has 3 hanging punching bags- 2 70lb ones and a 100lb one as well as some standard gym equipment such as lift up bars, treadmills and weights. Standing in the middle of the room is a full size boxing ring. Again, not brand new (under a year of usage) but can still be used well enough.

Gym Size: 7
Its around 3000ft I would put it.

Instructor/Student Ratio: 9
Normally only 4-5 people come in during class time with one coach. Coach is highly qualified with his brother being Michael "Iron Rhino" Kirby who is currently ranked no. 3 in the Australian National Ratings list for the Heavyweight section and is now going for a world title. He himself also boxed for over 20 years and has won the state title a number of times.

Atmosphere/Attitude: 8
"Sweat. Tears. Beer." is Coach's motto and is roughly how each class runs out to be. Even if the peeps there decide to remain sober after class, we would still visit Hungry Jack's (which is literally a minute away from where we are) or the Teppanyaki across the street most times. People there are very Australian- lots of good larrikin humour before and after class (the coach pushes too much during class for anyone to be doing anything other than concentrating on what they their bodies are doing).

Striking: 8
Good coach + good atmosphere = good results. We have guys who compete in state competitions. A good example would be Jason Lakomy:

Grappling/Weapons: n/a or 0
This is a boxing gym and it doesn't promote to be anything else.