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    It's a seoi-nage, she says so herself later.
    The Tomoe-nage is just random judo stuff they put on while she's talking. There's no reference to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gezere View Post
    I've never fought a guy wearing a rashguard and shorts outside a competition. If I got in more fights around beaches this would be different.

    I dunno, Ive fought people in shorts and a t-shirts which is the same set of clothes people rock for NOGI, and Ive also been in fights with peple wearing your preferred hoodies, regardless if you train BJJ gi/nogi and youre in a one on one fight with an untrained guy you should have no problem taking him down, taking mount and pounding his grill until you A) knock him out or B) he rolls over to try and protect himself and you sink in the choke.

    ive had choice B happen for me twice in san diego. Im not a big guy and my striking sucks so the knock out is an elusive event for me.

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