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    I'm a noob and need some help


    I need your advice guys. I want to take up a new art. I did GTI style TaeKwonDo for 2 years but I've
    recently moved cities. Iím thinking of starting up either boxing, Thai boxing or Krav Maga. I would value your opinions on these arts. I want to do a new art for fitness and self-defence, again opinions would be appreciative.

    Look forward to the replies.

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    Hey, I'm a newbie too, but maybe I can help. As far as fitness goes, any good school should have a vigorous class that keeps you in shape. Just check out the schools in your area, and see if they actually put their students through a workout. As for self defense, Thai boxing might be an easy transition since you can actually kick. Boxing would be beneficial too since you probably need to work on hands. Not trying to talk ****, it's just that I did TKD for two years as well, and my hands were horrible. I never realized how little I knew about striking until I started going to "boxing night" at the local MMA gym where I take BJJ. If you can find an MMA school that you like. You'll learn boxing, Thai boxing, and grappling. If you've never done ground-fighting before, you should add it to your arsenal, especially if you're looking for self defense.

    Hope that helps.

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    Try a free class or 2 in each and see which you like the best ?


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