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    Quote Originally Posted by atomicpoet View Post
    I'm not a medical professional so maybe someone can explain this to me.

    Bernard Hopkins is 46-years-old and stands 6'1". Twice a year, minimum, he is able to make a 175lbs weight limit.

    Anderson Silva is 10 years younger than Hopkins and stands 6'2" -- one inch taller than Hopkins. Both men have similar body types.

    Now, why is it so hard for Silva to make a 177lbs catchweight -- 8lbs less than his usual weight limit -- when Hopkins regularly makes 175lbs, despite Hopkins being 10 years older than Silva?
    Body types. I shouldn't have to explain that. Boxers are worse than wrestlers when it comes to cutting weight, remember P-Will at welter weight? He looked like Manute Bol. I've met Hopkins, he's a skinny fucker as well. Never met Silva, but I have seen in person, even from a distance the guy is huge. Brock Lesnar is only 2" taller, why not have him drop to to 185 and fight Silva?

    Aside from that, there is no reason to meet at a catchweight, that would make it a non title fight, neither has anything to gain from it. Also, since they are already so similar in size, a catchweight makes GSP look scared.

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    that's a sick fight!

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