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    judo hiatus
    My wife doesn't want me skydiving.

    Judo is a cheap alternative to get in some 'air' time.


    Just noticed this was not in YMAS.

    On a more serious note. My wife does want me to quit judo. She's been informed that I will, and take up skydiving.

    I still get to play judo.

    I'm mediocre at best, but having a lot of fun. Good way to stay in shape, great group of people and another MA to add to the 'tool box'. Wish I'd started judo earlier in life.
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    I have't began yet, but my major reasons for wanting to train are:
    1.Self defence
    2.Fitness new people with common interests.

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    wado ryu. (noob)
    Hya ninpo, another noob here! This thread is roughly 7 months old now, hopefully we are still allowed to answer it!!
    I only started training yesterday night, 11/04/2012.
    I started training in the Wado-Ryu style of Karate.
    I wanted to start Karate Training because, at 54--(coming up to 55 years of age in June)--i aint no spring chicken now and wanted an exercise programme that would help me to keep supple in body AND mind for a few more years yet!
    I wanted something to do that would tax my brain and my body to the limits, but also i wanted to get into the whole culture and history of the exercise programme that i wanted to do.
    I ache like a bitch today, but its a GOOD ache. I also learn't Dojo Etiquette and the 'pecking order'--i am apparently the lowest of this pecking order, but the second oldest, our Sensei being only one year older than me!
    I enjoyed it tremendously and will go again. Sensei said that i gave a good enough account of myself and that i was more supple and flexible than he thought, encouragement indeed, though i omited to tell him that i have just spent the last two weeks working hard in our garden, clearing it by hand of building rubble, old steel, tree stumps and the like! It gave me a bit of a head start i think!
    I am sorry that i have rambled on a bit here folks, but i just had to add my 2cents!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NeilG View Post
    Because it's Wednesday, and on Wednesdays we have keiko.
    I am a student of my body, or in the words of Socrates by way of Xenophon: "What a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable."

    It's a mental and physical point of focus that produces beneficial effects in myself and the community, whilst providing skills that would be useful in the unlikely event of emergency.
    What a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable. -Xenophon's Socrates

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    WC, Now Judo
    I used to train (karate and WC) because I needed some way to empower myself and gain a bit of confidence, as well as for self defence (handy skill). It was a hard slog and honestly I hated a lot of it.

    I now train (Judo) because it's fun. I want to train, can't wait for the next day, hunger to learn and improve and I've made more progress in a month or two than I made in the first six of either karate or WC (despite the fact that I'm aware of more inadequacies and mistakes in my technique and fitness in Judo). Part of that, I think, is because I train three times a week instead of once. Why do I want to do that where before I had to push myself to go to Katate/WC? Because it's FUN.

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    Because choking and slamming people outside a consensual environment is considered attempted murder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ninpo View Post
    Hi Colin. Thanks for the info. To clarify, my question is more about what is the actual reason anyone trains. Self defense, MMA wins, fitness, etc. For me like most, it is self defense. Defense from what? Perhaps the drunk at the bar, the hoodlum on the street, the burglar in one's house, the guy who won't allow one to leave a situation, etc. I am interested in any aspect of any art that protects a person/gets them out of trouble (or avoids it before it starts) on any level, should the unfortunate situation arise. Just looking to get the discussion going. I am up way too late. Goodnight.
    But you chose the Bujinkan. Why Ninja LaRPing over something like the SCA or NYC's Jedi Academy?

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    In order of priority:
    1) Fighting and being in control of your body is sooooo fun. It's like a really good drug.
    2) Self defense (confidence so I can go on a date with someone's girlfriend and not be scared the next day)
    3) Something to do on weekday nights

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    Don't remember when I last answered this, but: Choking people and throwing them on the ground is fun as hell. I don't even mind the part about being the one getting choked or thrown too much. It's a neat feeling when you're airborne.
    Curiosity killed the cat. But damn it had a blast.

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    Got dared into into it. Started college late due to an holiday arrangement so missed the first two weeks. Was kind of friendless and didn't know anyone. We had a MMA guy in our class, this was back when I didn't know anything about martial arts, got talking with him. Turned out he'd dared just about everyone in the class to come train with him... Seeing a chance to make a friend out of it and always open minded and up to try something new, I accepted the challenge and went with him.

    Got a taste for it after that. Though sadly lack of funds through college meant I could only go on the rare occasion.

    These days I train cause I find it fun. Gets me out the house and from it I'm no longer an out of shape nerd and social shut in... Instead I'm now a an out of shape nerd and social shut in that knows how to kick you in da face :D.

    Also it's cool and I get to be that guy on the block that no one wants to mess with... I'm actually soft as kittens but they don't know that and thus making it easier to avoid fights.

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