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    Questions about Samurai Jiu Jitsu school

    After looking for a good M.A school in Staten Island, one caught my interest. It's a Samurai Jiu Jitsu private dojo by Instructor Pete Siringano Jr. From the research I have done, both himself and his father who was the previous grand master (Siringano Sr) are very respected and there doesn't seem to be any doubts about their authenticity. The dojo is also different from others because he hand picks students after an interview process. After asking around, I learned that classes are once a week, and it's $50 per class (so $200 per month), and $160 for a heavy duty gi and hakama. It seems to be a lot more expensive than the other dojos in Staten Island. I am very much interested in the old school Jiu Jitsu + kempo karate training they have there. Would you recommend this place, and is the price worth it?

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    It certainly seems pretty expensive..

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    First, welcome to Bullshido.

    Second: Is there a web link? Do you have any more information about the style? "Samurai Jiu Jitsu" is a very generic term. If it is koryu jujutsu, it will have a specific name for the ryu. If it is Gendai jujutsu with a link to Japan, it should also have a more specific name. If it is simply a mish-mosh of Judo, with karate and aikido techniques thrown in, that might explain why it is simply referred to as "samurai jiu jitsu."

    Unless someone here has direct experience of the school, we need a little more to chew on.

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    Thanks for the welcome. Here's the link - http://www.goshindosamurai.com/main.html

    They don't advertise much, but the instructor bios are there. The previous Grand master (current Grandmaster's father) seems to be well known from what I've read.
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    Do me a favor and read all of the rules. You posted this in the serious investigative forum.


    ANyway check out a class, but I'm always dubious of "handpicked" and "interviews" for a Martial Arts School.

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    Sorry about that. I was confused on whether it should go into the newbie section or the investigative section.


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