Say you're a local pro fighter (if you actually are, just keep being a local pro fighter); would you be willing to pay for someone to try to get your face in local papers? Set up interviews, create press releases, take photos of your fights, ect?

I ask because I'm getting out of the Army soon. I'll be going to school with the GI Bill, which will take care of all of the essentials, but I want more. I was thinking I could use my six years of press-releasing awesomeness to drum up a little business for myself by doing PR work for local fighters. Nothing too crazy, just a few people (this would be a part-time venture). I figure I could attend my clients' fights to take photos, write a few press releases, coordinate interviews, help hype events, and just generally try to get my people in the spotlight.

The thing is, even assuming I've got enough juice to get media interested, would local fighters be willing to pay for it? What would it take to convince you, as a fighter, that hiring a publicist is a worthwhile investment? What would you see as a fair price? Would you kick his ass if he tried and failed? These are all questions I'm humbly asking you to consider, and post feedback on.

I figure there couldn't be a more badass way to spend my non-studying time than hanging out with fighters, going to events, and helping the sport overall.