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    Quote Originally Posted by Navita View Post
    ...As for the power bracelet I'm pretty sure I said more than once...
    Sometimes it's better to remain quiet and be thought a fool, then to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

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    Working with a female will help tighten your game because when their size comes into play you need to keep yourself tighter to erase the gaps. Working to keep tight on a small opponent will work to keep you tighter on a bigger opponent.
    This I can agree with, but any grappler who's good at exploiting space will improve your gaps, not just females. A few girls I've rolled with are actually useless at this, but I digress.

    Ths only problem I have with this artcile, really, is that it very overgeneralised. The most flexible person at my dojo is a guy who can drop into full splits cold and he's built like a rugby player. Anyone who's been in the game for longer than you will seem like a wealth of knowledge. I get that you're trying to demonstrate how the playing field levels out, but it's sounding more like blatant feminism than equality.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Navita View Post

    As for the paper it was an old paper in a 101 class. Chill the heck out oh mighty warrior that must know everything and be right
    no i wont chill out because its bullshit like yours that ruins my profession. notice the word profession there- i work with people to improve their abilities and fitness. this is my single source of income, and i am extremely thorough in what I do. there is not a single thing I do that is not backed up with research and example. your rubbish paper was barely worthy of high school P.E. class let alone uni level. if you really want to get into that (and trust me you dont) we can dig that thread back up.

    As for everyone else thank you for your opinions. Duely noted but like I said I asked opinions of friends, black belts, and my kru from Muay thai.
    opinion in this case means nothing. dont publish what you cant prove.

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    I think there really are only 2 very simple reasons why you should train with females:
    1. More players = more options = more money for gym and better for everyone.
    2. By not willing to work with females you're a bigoted moron.

    The rest in redundant.
    Obviously every player you work with will help in some way, mostly from working with more experienced players (although there is merit to working with less experienced players as well, as many people claim that by pointing things out, their game improves). That's it, more flexible, you have to tweak you game some-way, stronger than you, another and so on.

    Seriously, why would you not work with females?

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