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    Thanks for kind words everyone. I'll be seeing another specialist within the week but it doesn't look good. Because my current problem happened completely on its own without any external trauma the risk factor is pretty high. As it turns out the doctor I saw has treated some amateur fighters so he had a good grasp of things. I asked him about BJJ and he told me that even that is risky because of trips, takedowns and other hard impacts that happen when you're rolling(he didn't mention chokes but that's a fairly obvious one). Even with a full face cage, which I had anyway, the concern is repeated impact could cause more problems. My vision isn't all that good to begin with(I'm legally blind without my glasses or contact lenses) so even a minor risk is one I can't afford to take.
    Let us know, but yeah find something else. Your vision isn't something you want to lose unnecessarily especially, if it is preventable with a life style change.

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    What has been said.

    Also, be aware that this is a condition that is very treatable.

    Go get a good doctor, and let people take good care of you.

    - Training might be out of the question for a while,
    but your everyday business should be good, albeit this might require surgery.

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