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    csharp.negative;2649049]I'd be down with seeing that. Send it in a PM if you get the chance to find it. Thanks.
    Re reading my post I think i may have given the wrong impression, its not the 'crossing hands' there is video of but the 'sparring'. Sorry. Heres the link to the 'sparring'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stealth_monkey View Post
    Actually, that's unsound logic.
    Logically, training 4 things that work would be far more effective than training 10 things that don't.
    BJJ is composed of 10,000 things that work.
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    I agree with all of the stuff about it being optimized by years and $$$, but does anyone think that punching is just more intuitive than kicking? I feel like I've seen tiny little kids that care barely walk strike kids and other stuff with their hands and the fact that the hands are so much closer to the face of whoever you're fighting, it just makes sense to lash out in that way.

    I'll also split the hair here about the conditioning aspect. I think differentiating between a "boxer" as in someone who trains hard to compete and someone who "learns boxing" and knows the techniques and spars and such but doesn't compete is still going to be a tough out even if they're not in shape to go three hard rounds.

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    Kick the boxers leg hard a few times to slow him down and keep working that whilst trying not to get knocked the **** out, it has worked for me sometimes. usually ends up with me standing at a preferable distance, leading in with a jab and then getting a few hard punches back at me.. I hate boxing with actual boxers,, so fast

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    Although I am far more interested in Bare-knuckle than modern boxing I do feel that modern boxing has a more bio-mechanically sound approach than some other martial arts practices which go unchallenged.

    Again this has already been summed up by other people just in different ways.

    I also think many schools of different martial arts misrepresent their systems and I would be more worried by someone who studied and "understood" the original form of a system than modern practitioners.

    Perhaps this is a respect I have developed from studying historical martial arts but I feel that the systems degrade over time partly from becoming more and more sportive and partly from the decline of the military social class (less time to practice leads to simplification).

    This concept is echo’d in sword-arts in the same way it is self defence and unarmed arts, the functionally is kept only by maintaining a very pressure environment through out the simplification process where false or none applicable concepts, principals and techniques cannot worm their way in.

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    Because it's not tkd, just kidding LOL. As in several videos I have seen, and from my personal time wasted in learning tkd and juko-kai when I was a youth, one thing I realize is that most styles like throwing arm punches. Basically push punching, many people have a hard time transitioning too, because they don't how to throw real punches or kicks from lack of hip turnover.

    Horse/cat stance punching is ineffective unless getting kick in the balls is your sort of thing, you will never be able to develop any punching power from a tkd or karate stance to wide too high.

    Good power comes from being able to load and explode energy by from turning over your hips, not alternating punches that leave one arm sticking out and one in, that's just stupid practice. This is why boxers sit lower with narrower stances (supposed to) than even Muay Thai guys, because Thai boxing is about the use of 8 limbs not 2, even the boxers in the first video stances were way too wide, they just happened to suck less the the tkd guys. But if a "good" Thai boxer would have seen the legs that far apart on either the tkders, or boxers they would have lost their legs all together.

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