I plan on relocating to Japan in the near future and training is going to figure in heavily on where exactly I set my sights. To that end, I've been looking at the locations of several organizations throughout the country. I feel my chief goal - combat sport training - is met most adequately by Daidō Juku. The good news is that branches are plentiful. I do wonder however, at what the differences are between the various dōjō and whether or not I will need to take them into consideration.

Part of what makes me curious is the distinction between the national HQ, various prefectural HQ, and just regular locations. Apart from administrative functions, I am inclined to believe that HQs would be generally better-equipped facilities populated by more students and especially skilled staff. The information on websites linked to from the handy dōjō locator (http://www.daidojuku.com/home/link/link_index.html) seems to support this.

OTOH, if I am to assume every branch maintains decent standards then these may not be meaningful distinctions.

I'd be really interested to know if anyone has any experience or other impressions on how important it is choosing a location within DJ or even with other organizations.