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Although I recognise Judo gives me some advantage if I needed to defend myself it is not my primary motive for training Judo. I think it was at first but over time during my training my opinion changed. Again the chances of the average citizen encountering an unavoidable violent situation facing unarmed attackers where violence was the only option is virtually nil. Therefore it is hard to justify the enormous amount of time training, effort and expense on self defense grounds alone. I have reaped enormous benefits from training Judo - the ability to defend myself (possibly) against one or two unarmed attackers is only one of them .
I basically train Judo for the same reasons as you, sport and fun but I'm confused as why you write it off as a wast of time for self defence. You just admitted that it'll probably help you with unarmed people, well surely it's a useful tool for self defence then.

I agree that weapons change everything, of course they do but 'unarmed MA training' versus weapons, trumps 'zero training' versus weapons. People have already explained how strength, fitness and control can help help with such things. There's loads of videos of people using MA to deter armed attackers and yes, the odds are terrible but they're better than no odds at all.