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    Quote Originally Posted by CrackFox View Post
    I heard that Yeo got his black belt without ever taking one group class - all privates. Has anyone ever seen him roll?
    I heard that too but I would be surprised if somebody the status of Hoger awarded it without him consistently rolling with people but saying that nothing really surprises me these days so you never know. He does mention training with Roger and his "black belts" so maybe he is just a bit snobby about training with lower belts being that he is a 15th Dan in booj.
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    I'm not exactly calling him or Roger Gracie out on this. I just want to know what the guy is like on the mat.

    The line about training with Roger and his black belts does come across as massively cockish to me, but as his business is mainly ninjitsu, I could see why he would want to phrase it that way from a marketing perspective.

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