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    Hello and Questions


    Description: I am 19 years old and I play a variety of sports, but I never really got into fighting before. I have always been interested in MMA. I boxed for fun with friends when I was young, watched UFC in high school, and now I keep looking at youtube fight videos. I don't really have any experience, but I want to change this and start learning.
    I live in the Frisco~Plano, TX area for the summer, but I will head back to Austin, TX during the school year.

    Situation: I was wondering if there were any gyms that were recommended near me. I've been searching around, and I honestly have no idea how to choose. I am most interested in boxing at the moment, but I really just want to fight. I read somewhere that fighting is the best way to learn - I was wondering if there were any sparring circles that people have in this area.

    Other than that, I am just looking for any advice for someone who has no experience.

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    Welcome on board, djan.

    Until someone more familiar to your area posts, I suggest you make use of google or the phone book to locate schools in a suitable area for you to access. If they have websites then link them here, or just provide names and descriptions if you can.
    If we know them, or see any red flags on thier websites we can give you advice accordingly.

    Look around thier websites, or contact thier instructors. Find out what they're teaching and thier timetables. Thier payment method, prices and flexibility. Ask about sparring (any boxing gym will probably spar regularly anyway) and contact. Find out what you'll need to bring.
    Narrow it down to a short list and then go to an introductory session at the ones you've narrowed down.

    Also: Follow the link and read the thread:
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    Bullshido has an excellent Austin delegation, jnp and others.


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