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    Elbow injury after an armbar

    Dear bullies,

    Yesterday, when i was rolling with my friend, i screwed up the armbar escape i was doing so I actually felt the armbar a little but managed to escape from it afterwards.
    Which is bad, I wish I had stopped after failing the escape but since it worked "half assed" we went on rolling and i didn't really realize it was hurt.
    Then I rolled 2 more people but my elbow was feeling a little sore, I thought it was OK and went on training anyways.

    Then did some weight training and hit the bags a little, but at this point my elbow was just a little sore.

    It wasn't really perfect, but it didn't really stop me from training.

    So, as you can see, second thing I've failed is that I wasn't careful with my arm after the injury and went on pushing it.

    After the training, when that "heat" was gone my arm went almost dead on me.

    I couldn't extend it fully, or totally bend it too. It hurts a lot when i do.

    Today it is pretty the same, just maybe it started to feel less awkward. I cannot tell if it's getting better though.

    I can't fully bend it (kinda stops at 90 degrees, after this point, I can force bending it but with increasing pain on my elbow.) and again, can't extend it.

    Let's say, I can hold an object on the desk and put it somewhere else, but i cannot get food into my mouth with right hand.

    The pain is pretty similar to an elbow slicer.

    There are no clicks or something.

    The pain is here:

    (The outer side)

    It's not swollen, and i don't really think it lacks strength.

    My questions are:

    1) Did you have anything similar to this? If yes, how did you deal with it and how long did it take to heal?

    2) How much time do you give your elbow before you decide going to a doctor?
    When my knee gets hurt I usually take 2-3 days first but I cannot say injured my elbow a lot before and I want to know how long should i wait before I decide it is time to see the doc.

    3) Do you have any opinions on what my injury may be about?

    I'd really appreciate if you could share your experiences and opinions...

    Thanks guys

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    i've had armbar/hyperextended elbows (in both elbows) within the past year, but in both instances, my pain/injury was on the inside of the arm (to my understanding, my injury is called "golfer's elbow" whereas yours may be classified as "tennis elbow").

    Symptoms were similar to yours. Saw a massage therapist and had them work on it within a week of the injury. I then iced for the first week or two, then started using heat pads. After that, i started doing forearm rehab exercises (wrist curls, bicep curls, etc). It still feels iffy from time to time, but I can now do pullups and it only occasionally clicks (with no pain). I did miss class for about a month each time before starting training again.

    This injury sucks and actually makes me scared of armbars, but IMO you should be okay in about a month to go back to training (just let your partners know you have an injury).

    Then again, i'm not a doctor

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    Start icing it ASAP. Do this 3x a day for 10 minutes each round and make sure to lay off it for the next week. If you can, take ibprofin. If you don't notice an improvement in 1-2 weeks or if things get worse see a doctor.

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    Yup did the same thing. I followed rice, tucked it in, and also bought one of those elctrotherapy devices. Good luck man it takes a bit to get back 100%.

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    just don't be a FUCKING MORON like me and not take care of it. I got horrible tendonitis in both my elbows now as a result of injuries many years ago, it hurts when i punch and i'm likely always going to have it, also fucks with my gym workouts. I completely agree with wizwar.

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    Thanks for the answers everyone.

    Actually I am real happy today cuz I can touch my face with right hand once more : ))
    (But not %100 comfortable)

    I still trained yesterday though. I just sat down on the instruction part but then rolled with some light or new people and put my hand inside my belt (also holding my pants to prevent my arm from getting bent) and it was ok.

    For the ice thing, I just did a while when I was at home but it takes around 1,5 hours after training to get back home. I better listen to you CoffeFan and start applying ice in the office too.

    I am OK with taking everything easy and maybe my arm recovering %100 in a particularly longer time...

    But I really don't want to skip training, I at least want to be able to roll lightly or train the techniques and stuff...Hope I can start doing it soon.

    Thanks again guys.


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