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    Hello I'm new to this website and wanted to post my 1st post. I currently started training in MA and never realize how much I enjoy the displine and work it requires.

    currently i'm practicing shaolin and tai chi at Denver CSC. i know i know we are hated at every forum on the net but so far I like it and hoping to contribute any useful info about it as I will continue my journey. I did my research and still decided to stick with CSC.

    I'm hoping after a year or so I will train at a local BJJ to get some ground work fundementals as well.

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    As long as you don't claim that your art is something it isn't, no one here should berate you for doing what you enjoy.

    everyone's goals are different. As long as the class you've chosen meets your own priorities, you're doing fine.

    Welcome to bullshido

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