well i have been a lurker of this forum for about a year now so decided this is a good a time as ever to join.

so a little background - i was a LARPer until i was about 20, had been training Aikido for 3 years and a bit of tai chi (not the good type) and other ki and chi stuff on and off but aikido was a constant.

i really did belive all that anime and movie stuff, up until that age (sad i know)

then i was enlightened by a boxer i saw pass by me while walking to the store , he was inspiring to say the least ,very fast very fluid i didnt even know what i was seeing at that point i hadnt watched a single boxing match or any rocky movie, and still thought MMA was just like TKD a sport and not a true martial art.

after seeing him pass a couple of times i gathered the balls to ask him what he was doing, he was nice told me about shadow boxing and gave me directions to his gym, went there and after a few min joined.

after a few months i quit aikido after trying a wrist lock one of the boxers , he laughed then smaked me but i blamed myself thinking i wasnt trained enough (after all it takes 10 years to master the fundamentals of aikido lol) but then after training with sensei and seeing that he also couldnt stop a jab with anything of his 30 years of training i gave in and quit, dedicated myself to boxing

trained for 2 years everyday (something i noticed that most combat sports places seem to be open everyday or atlest 5 times a week unlike traditional dojos who open 2 or 3 times a week) but then the head boxing instructor left and the gym transitioned from boxing to kick boxing, wich i didnt like, it didnt match at all with the boxing foot work i grew to love and just felt stiff eventually all the boxers left and kick boxers stayed and i left too.

taking 2 years of my inspiration had died out, until i saw the best looking kick boxing match ever (in my mind atlest) the foot work was great the kicking was great and the punching was exellent, i noticed they had what looked like boxing shoes and spandex something not normally seen in a kick boxing match, a quick google search informed me that it was savate, sadly a sport not very popular in mexico but i was still a fan even if i dont get to practise it also became a fan of BJJ,MMA and judo great stuff truly

now i moved to finland and im looking for a place to train, so hopefully ill find something good and ill fully stop my Larping once and for all.