This may be a painfully newbbish question, but is there a school in NYC that trains stand up grappling/joint locks, judo throws, and ground fighting like BJJ as one unified system.

I've spent countless hours looking into programs in Manhattan that train Judo, SAMBO, JJJ or BJJ, but I can't seem to find one that encompasses all of that in one school, without programs where you pay individually and wind up paying close to $350 per month (which I can in no way afford). Keep in mind I'm completely ignorant of most martial art styles, and have spent the better part of the Spring in this search.

I've heard Miyama Ryu covers JJJ and Judo, but watching videos and contacting instructors has led me to believe the style is mostly an Aikido hybrid, and I'm not really interested in learning Aikido.

Does Judo itself cover all the above? Is Daito-Ryu enough of a curriculum to encompass all of that, or is it just Aikido by a different name?

Any help really would be appreciated, even if it's just to tell me I'm a moron, and no such style exists.