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Yes, I have done alot of research on the two schools...However, being an aspiring martial artist with a late start, I am trying to help make sure I am not making a mistake. I watched an Aikido class (taught by black belt that has been teaching for a long time) at KK as well as a BJJ class (taught by purple belt)...Both looked very interesting to me and I think I would enjoy.

The Sensei at PF is a good teacher and his form seems to be top notch...However he really only offers Shorin Ryu and dabbles in BJJ (taught by blue belt), and some Aikido. I do believe he loves Karate and is passionate about it.
Well you have our opinions, so it's time to **** or get off the pot, give both places a try, write a review for both, and stick with the one you like training at.